Virgin Cinnamon International utilizes Cinnamon grown in its own Cinnamon Plantations situated in the deep south of Sri Lanka where the tropical soil conditions, bright sunshine and other ecological conditions have come together  to produce the ideal climatic conditions for the growth of some of the best and most flavorsome Ceylon Cinnamon.  These plantations amounting to several acres are meticulously nurtured with regular cropping along with hand harvesting & peeling, so as to retain the natural goodness, flavor and medicinal values. 

Furthermore Virgin Cinnamon International has its own state-of-the-art processing and packing facility situated in Karandeniya, situated in close proximity to its plantations. The processing facility boasts of sophisticated machinery that enables hygienic and speedy processing and packaging, which is vital in sealing in the natural aroma, flavor and goodness of the Cinnamon, before it is finally packaged for export. Having its own warehousing ensures security against any pilferage or damage while the logistic arm ensures smooth and timely delivery every time. Virgin Cinnamon International has on offer a wide portfolio of products in both bulk and value-added forms.