Ceylon Cinnamon is exclusive to Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon). It has been known for hundreds of years and is today widely exclaimed as the finest Cinnamon found anywhere on earth. This product is known to be one of the oldest spices used by human beings as a food flavoring, beverage, medicinal herb and even as an embalming agent. The Cinnamon saga continued with Ceylon Cinnamon being one of the most sought after commodities during the 16th and 17th centuries and prior to this the Arabs too engaged profusely in the Cinnamon trade, giving Ceylon Cinnamon its prestigious position in the world as the finest Cinnamon anywhere on earth.

We at Virgin Cinnamon International are indeed proud to be part of this world acclaimed product and in turn feel it’s our obligation to share this miracle product in its most authentic form with Cinnamon connoisseurs the world over. Ceylon Cinnamon also known as true Cinnamon must not be confused with Cassia which looks like Ceylon Cinnamon. Though related it is not from the same plant and is considered as vastly different foods from both a nutritive and health perspectives. Ceylon Cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylenicum) is the only true Cinnamon and contains very little naturally occurring Coumarin when compared to Cassia which has relatively larger doses that can be quite toxic. Ceylon Cinnamon can be identified by its smooth texture, sweeter and more delicate flavor, brittleness and multiple layers unlike Cassia with its thick bark that does not have multiple layers.

Ceylon Cinnamon is known to have many medicinal benefits and has been used as part of both eastern and western medicine throughout history. It is known to treat Arthritis, Asthma, Diabetes, Heart disease and many other health conditions.