About Virgin Cinnamon

Virgin Cinnamon International is one of the most reputed and leading Cinnamon growers and exporters in Sri Lanka. Having been involved in the Ceylon Cinnamon trade for more than a decade they come with valuable hands-on experience and knowledge that is certainly important when dealing in products such as these. Furthermore Virgin Cinnamon International has the added advantage of having its own Cinnamon plantations situated in the down south of the country, known by-far as the best Cinnamon growing region in the country. This has enabled them to source firsthand some of the finest Ceylon Cinnamon harvests that ensure the products are truly authentic and certainly the best tasting, flavorsome and wholesome. This has also enabled them to ensure the product is hygienically harvested and freshness preserved so as to keep intact its valuable medicinal properties. The company also has its own state-of the-art factory and packaging plants along with its logistics arm that ensures high quality products, timely and smooth delivery and most importantly a superior customer service. Being able to provide all these facilities under-one-roof has been the company’s competitive advantage in its drive to share with the world, the finest Cinnamon on earth.